The Startup Desk is a service designed to facilitate the birth and development of new business ideas.

Very often, brilliant minds give birth to ideas and projects that aim to revolutionise the economic market if not, in some cases, to inaugurate new frontiers of the same.

The strong competitiveness of the market, both in Italy and in the world, makes it difficult for prospective entities to emerge. Without a solid business legal consulting, they might not be able to seize the opportunity for growth and investment.

With the Startup Desk, we offer our clients the opportunity to realize, improve or consolidate their own innovative business project, offering a different support to the traditional channels of the sector (incubators for start-ups, business angels and the like). Our assistance is aimed at accompanying the entrepreneur in the development of the company’s core business, in the optimization of its internal organization and in the improvement of strategies towards the market in which the company operates. 

"Keep your ideas yours"