Among the different business functions, legal counseling is one of the most complex, whose strategic and business value must be valued.

However, many business situations – typically SMEs – do include an “in-house counsel”, whose presence is difficult to justify in terms of costs, prefering, if necessary, to have an external legal adviser dealing with specific situations.

This model of operation, however, may not be fully satisfactory. It is not uncommon, in fact, to turn to the external advisor – often not sufficiently informed and involved in the company’s operations – when the legal problem is already “explosive”, where it would be more effective to carry out a careful and, if possible, preventive analysis of possible legal issues, at least in certain areas of acrivity with higher risk.

Thinking of these situations and of these difficult balances between different needs, we have developed an “External Counselling” service, through which we offer our clients legal assistance on a continuous but flexible basis also through the regular presence “on site” of the professional.

Thus, the external advisor (and his team) can be more directly involved in the company’s operations by acting as support and benchmark for all the company’s units.

Without the rigidities and fixed costs associated with an internal legal function, the company can take advantage of a more satisfactory and structured management and guidance to orient itself in the legal issues it encounters in the pursuit of its business.

With our team of legal professionals and, if necessary, also coordinating with external professionals working in contiguous areas, we are able to offer a multidisciplinary approach that covers all critical areas of the company’s activity.