Restructuring and Distressed Company Assistance

The company is, by definition, a dynamic asset. In order to remain so, the business model – which is linked to legal instruments – cannot remain static: the contractual models and company structures must be updated and, if possible, improved; …

External Counseling

Among the different business functions, legal counseling is one of the most complex, whose strategic and business value must be valued.
However, many business situations – typically SMEs – do include an “in-house counsel”, whose presence is difficult to justify in terms of costs, prefering, if necessary, to have an external legal adviser dealing with specific situations.

Startup Desk

The Startup Desk is a service designed to facilitate the birth and development of new business ideas. Very often, brilliant minds give birth to ideas and projects that aim to revolutionise the economic market if not, in some cases, to inaugurate new frontiers of the same.